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Grace Witherell Art and Design

Angel Wings Vinyl Decal

Angel Wings Vinyl Decal

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This is a vinyl decal of two semi-symmetrical angel wings. Each wing is 5"x3.5" so 10" wide together. They are sandwiched between a backing paper and a piece of transfer film.

When you are ready to use your decal:
1. Clean the surface of whatever you are putting the decal on (laptop/car/furniture/book) with a damp towel and let air dry.
2. Peel the clear gridded transfer film from the backing paper and the decal should be stuck to the clear film.
3. Position the decal carefully and apply decal and transfer film to the surface of whatever object you are applying the decal to.
4. Apply pressure with the palm of your hand to the decal to properly adhere it to the surface.
5. Gently peel back transfer film making sure not to lift up or tear the decal. I like to peel parallel to the surface of whatever I'm applying the decal to to insure I can keep good control over it and peel very slowly.


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